Sailing with English  
for Teenagers

Naradoza for Teenagers is the most suited language program. According to participants number we offer one, two or three native speakers per yacht. Adventure, training, and your interests combined are the most successful method of learning English. No books or notebooks, instead we have one rule: We only speak English. If you don’t know the appropriate sailing command or subject of your interest, don’t worry we will help get to the bottom of it, and you will remember because your were part of the adventure.

What can you gain?

 You will break the language barrier

 You will be exposed to different pronouciation

 You will explore different cultures

 If you want to prepare for final exam in High School you can do so as well

Remember: No books and notebooks but 100% of adventure and learning through playing
In order to participate in cruise you should be at A2 or at least provide A1 level of knowing English language.

Naradoza Sp. Z o.o.
Kietlice 1, 11-600 Węgorzewo, woj. Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Polska
NIP 8451986881, Regon – 364226950, KRS – 0000612358
Kapitał zakładowy – 5000zł