Language solutions  
for companies

Naradoza for business is a complex, dedicated approach to English language learning. Combining sailing cruises with a stationary courses offered by Naradoza creates the most effective solutions for senior management and their employees at businesses. We offer two types of language programs:

Sailing Cruises at Mazury or Croatia with Native Speakers on board:

Weekends, 6 days or 12 days with Native Speakers 

 Communication in English while sailing
 Communication in English within the core business of the client
 Communication in English in:. „open the most interesting theme for the client”
 You will feel like you are on English island
 Everyone from the sailing crew will add his/hers part in communication and…. You will as well.

Cyclic language training with native speakers at your company

 „Hands on” training in the comfort of your company environment
 Discussion on subjects that are very current, so what interests you
 Enriching vocabulary base – innovative methods on remembering and using new words and phrases in consecutive training
 Introduction of new phrases in everyday language and accurate usage in multiple meanings.

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